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1Will the information I submit on the site for plagiarism detection be stored in your database? is not associated with any other businesses, and any document you save will be stored within 365 days after submission. Checking your texts at is safe and secure. Even if you recheck your text for several times over, it will not be saved during that span of time. However, if you prefer that your paper won’t be stored in the database for any time, you can opt for an advanced account. Any text that you submit for analysis won’t be saved if you have the advanced account.

2How can you compare your services with other plagiarism checking services?

Although the free plagiarism detection solution can be a bit inaccurate at times, it is still highly useful for many people. However, the advanced plagiarism detection service is far more superior to other detection systems due to its sophisticated multi-layer technology and SMART scanning features.

3Will my professors ever find out that I have used your plagiarism detection services?

Well, unless you tell your professor directly, there is no way for him/her to find out that you have used our plagiarism checking service. At your privacy and are held in high importance and your personal information won’t be disclosed to anyone.

4What do the sources on the left side actually represent?

The sources indicated on the left are those which have been detected in your submitted text or paper. You can mark those which are legitimately sourced, and afterwards the plagiarism score will be calculated again.

5If I get a 15% plagiarism score on my submitted text, is that considered good or bad?

The 15% score is an indication of the sources detected within your text. If you want to know that the paper is totally plagiarism-free, you can have these 15% cited properly or you can clear off these texts.

6How can I be sure that you are not going to use the texts I have submitted for checking?

Our rules and policies are very strict regarding your rights. You can go through them carefully, so that every aspect will be clear to you. 

7What is the preferred volume for my documents? What is the accepted number of words and pages?

For a single paper the maximum number of words can be 5000, composed of 10 pages if single-spaced and 16-17 pages if double-spaced. If your paper is composed of more than these approximate numbers, it will be considered as 2 texts.

8What does resubmission mean?

When you submit a paper again to PlagiarismSearch  after having uploaded it before, you are essentially doing a resubmission. The paper may have undergone some revisions, and after adding new material you might want to check your texts again. 

9Will my paper be saved at any databases by PlagiarismSearch?

No. Your paper will not be added to any databases by PlagiarismSearch.

10Does scan every written or printed text submitted?

Although checks through a considerable number of written materials, it is impossible to check each and every document that has been written, printed, or published. Some books which have not been converted to digital format cannot be included in the in digital database of PlagiarismSearch.

11Will my instructors be able to have access to my Originality Report?

No. Since you have your own personal account and it is not available to anyone, your instructors will not be able to view or scan your originality report. However, the report can easily be printed, so that you can show it to your instructors.

12Are the services from for students only?

Yes, the services from are for students only. Business, instructors, agencies, and other organizations cannot use the services of PlagiarismSearch . 

13What are the procedures in submitting a paper?

Before you can submit a paper or document to, you have to buy some credits first. The top left section of the screen will display how many credits you already have. For those who do not have credits yet, you may click “Purchase Credits”. After getting some credits, you can submit your paper by clicking on the “Submit Document” button.

14How long does it take for the results to be displayed?

The analysis performed by involves analyzing your paper and comparing it to web pages numbering in billions of papers. Although the results can be displayed within 5 minutes, the process can take longer, about 10 to 15 minutes. In such cases the information will normally be displayed on a screen regarding longer analysis periods.

15How do I know that my results are already available?

The analysis performed by involves analyzing your paper and comparing it to web pages numbering in billions of papers. If the paper is still processing, the word “processing” will be displayed at the status section next to the paper’s title. If the “view results” sign already appears at the status section, your results are already available.

16How do I view the results?

If you want to view the results, you may click on the “view results” button found on the status section next to the paper’s title.

17What if I need to submit another paper?

If you want to submit another paper, you will need paper credits. You will know how many credits you’ve got by viewing it at the left section of the screen. Those who do not have any credits will need to click only on “Purchase Credits”. Then, click on the “Submit Document” button if you want to submit another paper, after getting the needed credits.  

18Is PlagiarismSearch really able to identify plagiarism?

PlagiarismSearch cannot really identify with 100% accuracy if a paper contains elements of plagiarism. The analysis performed by involves analyzing your paper and comparing it to web pages numbering in billions of papers.This detection service indicates the content within the document that is similar to other sources, so as to prompt an author to make verifications and to cite the right sources.

19Highly Effective Plagiarism Detection System

Every paper that you submit to will be analyzed and compared to a content database that has more than 10,000 major newspapers, scholarly journals, magazines, and books. Your paper will also be processed through a database that contains more than 11.5 billion of updated and stored pages of web content, as well as past submitted student papers numbering about 65 million. 

20Accepts All Standard Formats

You can use any word processor. Files such as MS Word, WordPerfect, PDF, HTML, RTF files, and PostScript will all be accepted.

21What plagiarism mean precisely?

For many people, plagiarism simply involves the copying of another person’s written work or someone else’s ideas. However, this is not always the correct definition of plagiarism. The Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary defines plagiarism as:

  1. Stealing and taking the ideas and words of another as your own
  2. Using another’s produced written material without proper citation
  3. Committing literary theft
  4. Deriving an existing idea from one source and presenting it as something new

Plagiarism is therefore an act of fraud. It involves stealing another’s original material and claiming it as you own.

22Is it actually possible to steal words or ideas?

If you consult with the US law, the answer is yes. In many countries, and not just in the United States, expressing original concepts and ideas already constitutes intellectual property. It is thus protected by copyright laws, in the same way as original creations and inventions.

All forms of expression may be protected under copyright, as long as these materials are recorded accordingly, whether in books or computer files.

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